Lockdown Listening: Which are The Best Podcasts For Kids?

Discover the best podcasts for kids and parents to help with homeschooling during lockdown

Discover Free Podcasts

If ever there were a time to cultivate a podcast habit, it’s right now. Already riding the crest of a popularity wave before we were all holed up at home, free podcasts are now really having their moment in the sun.

There’s a wealth of podcasts aimed squarely at stuck-at-home kids, and the best podcasts online are both entertaining and educational, making them excellent homeschooling resources for stressed out parents.

Whether you’re looking for a helping hand with the homeschooling, or just want to distract yourself and/or the kids from all the doom and gloom, there are free podcasts online catering to pretty much every listener.

Multitasking Magic

Handling images and media with the uLike audiobooks, the beauty of podcasts is that they can really fire up kids’ imagination and, unlike TV, gaming or even video chatting, they allow you to multitask.

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In fact, if you’re channeling your inner Marie Kondo and having a major declutter, or the kids have been tasked with cleaning out their rooms, a podcast can ease the tedium and can be a good way to get some home learning in by stealth if the kids are resistant to textbooks.

How To Listen To Podcasts

It’s usually easy enough to listen to podcasts online whatever device you’re using, but a podcast app such as Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts will help maximise your listening time and you’ll get a heads up on new and trending podcasts. 

Top tip: Whatever your lockdown lesson schedule or homeschooling requirements, the new Kids Listen  app pulls together a ton of kid-friendly podcasts and is an excellent resource for finding kids’ podcasts that pull double duty as screen-free entertainment and homeschooling material.

  • While you won’t exactly need a Superwoofer system for this gentle listening, bluetooth speakers are a good way to listen to podcasts at a decent volume as you and the family move around the house.
  • If there’s room in the budget, the Bose Soundlink Color (around $125) will be just the ticket for home discos, too, but this relatively kid-proof waterproof speaker is a pretty good deal at less than $20

Some of Our Favourite Podcasts

With so many authors, comedians and other creative types stuck indoors just like the rest of us, it’s no surprise that the last few weeks have seen a flurry of new podcasts cropping up: so much so that it can be hard to know where to start looking for podcasts online.

Fear not, lockdown parents! We’ve cherry picked the best online podcasts for kids (and the best podcasts will have parents pricking up their ears too…)

Kids’ audiobooks online are a blessing in lockdown times, but the best podcasts for kids have an interactive element that will really help to get your kids’ creative juices flowing.

The number one podcast for kids and families is Story Pirates, a series which mines the rich treasure trove of kids’ imaginations for stories which are brought to life by comedians and actors.We also love What if World, in which kids can send in a ‘What if’ question, which the resident author Mr Eric spin into a story.

If your kids already like Story Pirates, you might want to start with the episode ‘What if Story Pirates came into What if World?)

Sowing Creativity Seeds

Taking it one step further is Story Seeds, in which kids aged 6-12 are encouraged to send in story ideas, and then collaborate with top childrens’ authors to create witty, whimsical tales.

Here is a taster! Ep. 4: Heroes and Queens; Aram and Cici

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Curious kids are full of ‘why?’ questions, (especially right now) many of which leave us parents torn between making up an answer or admitting we don’t know as much about the workings of the universe as we like to think we do.

Luckily there are some excellent science podcasts (see this Medium article for a comprehensive round up) which can be homeschooling resources for kids and their grownups. A good place to start is Brains On, which takes a kid-friendly approach to big questions about science, space and history. The Virus Busters episode is a good listen for kids and parents looking for answers to Coronavirus questions. Another top podcast for curious kids is But Why? Where kids and scientists work together to answer questions that range from serious to silly.

If your kids are looking for a little inspiration for life after lockdown, the DreamBig podcast sees 10-year-old host Eva Karpman talk to inspirational figures ranging from astronauts and artists to activists, and offers career and life advice from a kid-friendly perspective.

A Parenting Podcast For Lockdown Days

Finally, for parents looking for a bite-size, sanity saving boost, this How to Be Thankful When the World is Scary episode of the Good Kids Podcast (aimed at ‘helping people raise better humans’ is a 15-minute, no BS look at the challenges of homeschooling and how parents can manage their new role as home educators and strike up a new work/life balance while keeping their sanity intact.

What’s your favourite podcasts for kids? Please leave a comment below!

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  1. Kids really love to learn even if they’re in homes. My niece really loves watching youtube and any online educational. But I need to try podcasts for them.

  2. Currently, the kids prefer visual (thus, they watch YouTube) but I will recommend these podcasts to them. They might learn some great ideas here too.

  3. Great list! Podcasts rock, i listened to tons of them doing chores like organizing closets and pantry (we are sloppy so we end up doing cleaning every now and than). I think kids are not much different

  4. These are all great suggestions! I love that kids are able to get information in this way and engage in podcasts that encourage creativity and learning in a positive way. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I would not have survived this quarantine this far without podcasts. No kids of my own but this list will be a life-saver for some of my parent friends. Will share!

  6. Great real time post, the suggested the best podcasts for kids are good and useful for readers to select.

  7. my kids arent much into podcasts, I am though. I listen to them though! Thank you for the share on this! May have to see if my kid will listen to them!

  8. I am not a podcast person, because I am more into videos due to my audio-visual learning style. But this post gave me a different perspective, that listening to something educational while doing something else at home would make me more productive than just merely looking at screen.

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