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Our next Hertfordshire entrepreneur is Kirsty Birnie; an Exercise and Wellness coach. Kirsty is passionate about empowering other women to overcome some of the most challenging periods of their lives such as pregnancies, surgeries, cancer battles, and much more.

Kirsty is an incredibly busy woman on a mission to improve other women’s wellbeing and lives; her work specialises in pelvic floor exercises and focuses on core health. She typically works with pregnant women, newly postnatal mums and not so newly postnatal mums as well as women after hysterectomy and breast cancer surgery. When Kirsty is not practising as a pilates teacher in Hoddesdon, she is meeting her clients in Millhouse Osteopathic Clinic in Broxbourne or Restore Therapy Scar Clinic in Harpenden where she provides pregnancy and postnatal massage and ScarWork™️ treatments.


What is ScarWork™️ ?

Scars my look healed well on the surface, but can still cause trouble from underneath and be painful and cause discomfort, and that’s when Kirsty applies a gentle hands-on scar therapy treatment. This type of massage stimulates the area around the scar and can help to relieve pain, reduce discomfort and much more. 

What others say about their scar therapy with Kirsty?

I saw Kirsty yesterday for my scar massage in my csection scar & it was just what I needed. Kirsty is lovely, professional, calming & made me feel very relaxed. I would highly recommend Kirsty!! It also made me realise that I was much more numb in the scar area than I thought I was.

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Stay motivated. Stay fit.

Talking about pelvic floor issues or letting anyone stimulating your scars may be a delicate matter. Kirsty started out as a massage therapist, and throughout her journey as an Exercise and Wellbeing coach, she gained necessary qualifications and expertise to provide effective but gentle treatment and exercise prescription. She is conducting initial confidential assessments, gathers important information about her clients, and based on the results provides adequate and gentle treatment. 

Kirsty is also a Holistic Core Restore ®️ Coach and runs a face to face 6 week pelvic floor and core programme for anyone experiencing issue such as leaking, prolapse or weak core. Following the latest government advice to stay home, Kirsty is set up online. She is still running virtual Pilates classes, has an online hub membership where you can access virtual classes and pre recorded videos with a 7 day free trail and just £4.99 a month thereafter. Don’t be discouraged by the Athlete word as this programme is suitable for women who have had built the foundations of their pelvic floor area and core health. How does it work? You will become stronger, fitter and healthier from the comfort of your own home. Would you like to find out more? Please get in touch with Kirsty here or visit her Facebook page here.

What others say about Kirsty?

I have loved my sessions with Kirsty. Not only have I seen real progress, I am certainly less symptomatic, but the sessions have given me a much greater understanding of the holistic nature of pelvic floor strength. The sessions have given me the confidence to attend buggy fit sessions and start to run again 6 months postpartum. I also noticed, having failed, on occasion, to do as much ‘homework’ as I should have done a deterioration in my pelvic floor…the sessions, and homework, work!

On a personal level Kirsty has been fantastic in fitting sessions around my little boy and being supportive of me breastfeeding during the session and also entertaining my son whilst he is in the bouncer! She has been absolutely brilliant as well as incredibly knowledgeable.

I really really recommend the course and Kirsty herself!

For more information please visit Kirty’s website: https://kirsty-birnie.co.uk/

Stay up to date with Kirsty’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/kirstybirnie.exercisewellness/

Follow her on Instagram here:http://@kirstybirnie.exercisewellness

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