Fabulous Read is going to talk about Anne Marie – the Wellbeing and Transformational Coach! 

This wonderful lady is helping others to unlock their potential and currently offers a GRATITUDE WORKBOOK for FREE! Keep reading to find out more!

Why is GRATITUDE important? 

“Plant a seed and climb a tree later” That’s my favourite metaphor, and for me, practising gratitude is a little bit like that. You start small and become tall! Let’s learn with Anne Marie how to be thankful for everything that comes our way, and don’t forget to download your FREE GRATITUDE WORKBOOK today!

Can you explain in three sentences who is the Wellbeing and Transformational Coach?

My work is about setting others free from the shackles of limiting patterns of beliefs and behaviours. I think of it as emotional and psychological alchemy. Moreover, I see self-development as a kind of activism.

How many sessions your clients usually need to become better and what support they receive during their sessions?

In my therapeutic work, through a range of integrative techniques, I help people regain a state of balance and coherence. I assist them in re-coding their limiting beliefs, in re-coding any negative internal dialogue and in guiding them to reconnect with their sense of personal power. I’ve seen huge shifts come about in just 3 hours – the length of a Breakthrough Session – especially with people who have suffered from severe trauma. I have to say that it’s such a wonderful feeling to be able to reconnect clients to more positive states of being. It’s so rewarding. I love it.

Coaching work is different. It’s about inspiring clients to maximise their personal and professional potential. During coaching sessions, I help clients break down the process that will allow them to reach their goal. Moreover, my role is to motivate and support them as well as to keep them accountable and on track. We still focus on overcoming negative patterns of thinking and behaving but the process is more future-focused.

I offer FREE 30min Discovery Calls via Zoom for individuals who are interested in working with me. During a Discovery Call, we’ll see how we can make happiness, peace, courage, confidence and positivity more permanent fixtures in their life.

Why do you think online coaching therapies can be as effective as face to face therapies?

At the moment, online sessions are proving to be invaluable – especially for those who are self-isolating and cannot leave their homes. I’ve certainly observed a spike in anxiety levels in people who are practising social-distancing and more and more people are reaching out online – this service is crucial at the moment.

My work is totally online now. I’m also working on putting out as many free resources as I can on my social media platforms. I recently put up a video on how to use EFT to quell fear and anxiety, I’ve shared a free 21-day gratitude workbook and I’m going to be putting up some guided meditations on my website too. I’m also running webinars on Wednesday 25th March at 10am and 7pm where my colleague and I will be sharing 5 methods to find inner peace and calm in uncertain times

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